Spanish Evangelism Ministries

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SEM Vision

The Spanish Evangelism Ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International will facilitate ministry in the Spanish language within the United States and Canada. SEM is organized on the basis of language and culture, not race or national origin.

SEM Mission

The Spanish Evangelism Ministry will provide leadership, tools and support to evangelize the Spanish-speaking population in the US and Canada. It will also serve to promote the programs and activities of the UPCI among the Spanish-speaking congregations. SEM will:

  1. Encourage and support evangelism and discipleship of Spanish-speaking people in the United States and Canada.

  2. Encourage the starting of new congregations that minister in the Spanish language.

  3. Assist in training and equipping Spanish-speaking ministers.

  4. Assist non-Spanish speaking ministers and churches to reach out to Spanish-speaking people with the gospel.

  5. Assist Spanish-speaking believers, ministers and churches in functioning as integral members of the UPCI.

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District Officials

Joel Sanchez Jr.
Joel Sanchez

Director - Spanish Evangelism