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Phil Darby

This year’s Global Missions service was unique.  We did not have a traditional service, nor did we really didn’t take up an offering.  This year’s focus was on miracles.

We have all heard of the miracles happening overseas as shared by our Missionaries.  This year, in the beginning of the service, there were 4 people giving testimonies of miracles that happened in their life overseas.  The service emphasis continued focusing on the miracles which will happen here as well as overseas.  And, in this service, everyone was told they will see great miracles ‘tonight’.

There was approximately a dozen I AM GLOBAL flags placed around the Conference floor.  By every flag was a group of Missionaries and District Global Missions Directors who would pray for those that came forward.  Many Saints of God came forward, and deaf ears were opened, chronic back pain healed, diabetes cured.  Many more signs and wonders happened at the Global Missions service.

In the months to follow we will be hearing of healings that occurred in this service!  Many people will see their doctor and confirm what God did for them.  It wasn’t the Missionaries that brought the miracle, it was Jesus.  This service confirmed what has been on my heart for some time.  We will fill our churches by miracles that happen to the saints of God.  These miracles, and their reports, will spread all over our communities, and people will come.

Here is an example:

  • Bro and Sis Campbell are Missionaries to Guatemala.  Sis Campbell’s father is a Guatemalan pastor.  He was told his heart is failing and he will die soon.  He kept on preaching anyway, even though the doctors told him to stop and avoid all stress in his life.  One day he returned to the doctor, after examining him the doctor wanted to know what he did.  He asked, “What do you mean?”  The doctor told him his heart is the heart of a young man!

At the end of the service it was mentioned that every seat had an offering envelope.  There wasn’t a real appeal.  Each flag, as mentioned, above had a basket where people brought their envelopes, and givers flocked to the baskets.  I asked the next day what our offering was?  I was told over $2.3 million.  Over $600,000 in cash.  14 Missionaries will return to the field early because of I AM GLOBAL.  5 will return immediately.  The remaining Missionaries will return as the funds come in.  Praise the Lord!

I AM GLOBAL is alive and well.  Not counting this year’s offering, in the last 3 years I AM GLOBAL has raised $8,421,918.03, sending 64 Missionaries back to their field of labor early, saving 25.6 years in travel, saving the Missionaries in travel cost $1,792,389, which also saves the local churches $1,106,160 in offerings and putting them up for the night.

It’s working to the Glory of God!

For those who may be saying to themselves “What is I AM GLOBAL?”:  I AM GLOBAL offerings send Missionaries back to the field early, and PIM’S (partners in missions) keeps them there.  This is the basics of I AM GLOBAL.   A suggested annual or onetime offering amount is $1,200 or $600, which is due January of each year. It’s not too late to pledge to I AM GLOBAL this year!

This link will get you to the I Am Global online giving page: https://www.globalmissions.com/i-am-global-online-giving.aspx

Rev. Phil Darby
Washington District Global Missions Director

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