2018 Global Missions

Phil Darby

Global Missions – The Whole Gospel to the Whole World

The United Pentecostal Church International works to promote the whole gospel to the whole world, and missionaries that serve in numerous countries around the world are part of making that vision a reality. Throughout the year, the Washington District hosts missionaries to support them and help them complete their deputizing so they can return to their field of calling and work. When missionaries visit our district, we need pastors to host them in their churches.

We are providing a list of the missionaries that will be visiting in 2018 along with the dates they will be in our district. If you would like to arrange to host one of these missionaries for a service in your church while they are in Washington, please contact Rev. Phil Darby, Washington District Global Missions Director, so he can confirm a schedule with you. We appreciate the help and support given to our missionaries when they visit. It is a way in which we can support the mission of sharing the whole gospel with the whole world. You can reach Rev Darby via email at [email protected] or by phone at (360) 790-0252.

2018 Missionary Schedule

Amber Hackenbruch Switzerland January 23-28
Mike Patterson Bulgaria/Hungary/Romania March 13-18
Troy Wickett Solomon Island/Fiji April 10-15
Luke Campbell Central America April 24-29
Scott Carpenter Latvia/Kazakhstan/Russia May 1-6
Brad Thompson Guatemala/Caribbean May 8-13
Richard Lucas Japan – Military June 26-July 1
Aaron Anderson Brazil July 24-28
James Beek United Kingdom September 11-16
Oscar Rodrigues Portugal October 16-21
John Hemus United Kingdom November 6-11
Ray Nicholls Poland/Ukraine November 20-25

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