Apostolic Man

Moving the Gospel by Motivating Men

Apostolic Man 2014
Turning Your World Upside Down
Make your plans now to join us for Apostolic Man 2014 on February 20th through the 22nd. Our guest speaker will be Rev. Bruce Howell, the Global Missions Director for the United Pentecostal Church Intl. Our sessions and services will be at the Renaissance Apostolic Church in Renton, Washington.

Eventbrite - Apostolic Man 2014 - Turning Your World Upside Down

Apostolic Man 19 Unified Prayer Chart  - Let's believe God together for a mighty outpouring this year.

The Dominion Bible Study for Men
Talk to your Sectional Apostolic Man Director to learn more.

District Officials

Rev. Roger J. Roth
Director - Apostolic Man Ministry

Rev. Darcy Ross
Secretary - Apostolic Man Ministry

Sectional Directors

Section One - Rev. James Morphis
Section Two - Rev. Loren Hiner
Section Three - Rev. Jeffrey Hall
Section Four - Rev. Jack Peters
Section Five - Rev. John Wilsey